Message to U2 

 I hasten to inform you.
 I am your fans. And, it is Japanese of 42 years.
 It has all albums and singles CD.
 My son also listens to your song and performance at born time, it grows up, and it
 becomes eight years old this year.
 The mind of the person who has a body all over the world
 If people sing, it is encompassed by the played music, and it is filled
 Surely at one time,
 The life of bottom of the sea, the sky that stretches on the cloud, and the one
 to sleep under the soil on this earth.
 It is believed that the role of all things is liberated freely true.
 However, the world in Japan and the music scene in Japan are in
 development from after World War II of the 20th century to today on
 the way now.
 The population decreases sharply before it is for tens of years.
 Children's minds of many of senior citizens who experienced the war
 unrelated to economic society, political that loses energies, and
 worries because of the falling birthrate, whereabouts on the body are
 in the place that became distant from the common sense of a current
 society day by day.
 "Music of Japan of today"'s seen when you come to Japan having
 already liberated whose mind and the body has become impossible in
 the past.
 Still,There is a man who has believed the world only for one person to keep
 only singing in 1970's, to keep fighting against the system, and for
 an own song to be liberated. It is this singer-songwriter named Tetsuya Itami.
 Please it's asking.
 Next time, please lead this man's song and performance to your
 opening act when you come to Japan.
 My best regards.
 I believe U2.
 MasaAki Minami

by badlife | 2009-05-17 00:46 | English Change
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